Women who built Women who built their business on Instagram

Women who built Women who built their business on Instagram

In this modern day age, women are doing many things than just being ‘housewives’ or ’waiting to be married.’ There are many inspirational women out there who are making the world a better place. Some of those women are quite popular on Instagram and have established a business on Instagram from scratch. These women are someone we should look up to because they’ve done something for themselves and so can we so here are these women!

#1 Sharmadean Reid:

Reid started an Instagram account in 2014 with the name of ‘WAH nails, ’ and four days later she had 4k followers. She is an expert in nails, with her tricks and techniques of how to make your nails look better and what color suits what skin tone, she reached the heart of millions. She lives in London but she has reached people all around the world, and she is now immensely popular. To this present day, she has 425k followers!

#2 Usha Bora:

Bora started an Instagram account in 2014 with the name ‘Jamini designs, ’ and she uploads pictures of different house decors. With a picture of a pillow and a hashtag that read ‘#maisonetobject’ that got her an interview with a reporter from Marie Claire Maison and she demanded her designs. With Usha Bora’s great photography skills and exquisite home decoration talent, she now has 24.8k followers. She has created an impact on people.

#3 Jess Hatzis:

The founder and CEO of the product Frank Body, Jess Hatzis started an account on Instagram in 2013 with the name of ‘Frank_bod.’ Through Instagram, Jess and her co-founders made a lot of progress with their product and gained a lot of popularity as well. They sold about 2 million products and are still selling. They created a heavy impact on their users and followers on Instagram about their product which is why, to this very day, they have 626k followers.

#4 Emily Schuman:

Emily Schuman is an inspirational fashion blogger who has established her business with the help of Instagram. Her blog ‘Cupcakes and Cashmere’ was launched in 2008 and it has everything you need to know about fashion. With her ongoing progress, her account on Instagram with her name has gained an immense popularity by reaching 400k followers within a couple of days. With her talent and great fashion tips and advice, we can learn a lot.

There are many different women other than these four who have worked hard to start a business on Instagram, these women have done everything from the start. There are many tools that one can use to establish a proper business on Instagram and so did these women. If you’re new to Instagram and you don’t know how to increase your popularity within days, you can use tools such as Vibbi in order to get more popular and gain more followers. Vibbi helps you buy your followers online and make it easier for you to establish a proper well-known business.

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