Why Scala is a big surprise for Java developers?

Why Scala is a big surprise for Java developers?

As you know Java, you are quite acquainted with Scala. There is not a big difference between the coding of Scala and Java. One thing is very much different between these two things – the framework is totally different in those two. So, there is a need to go through the Apache Spark And Scala Online Course, but you will be adopting the coding process very fast, with your Java knowledge. You must be asking one thing here – why shall you go for the course then? There are some features in Scala that is ready to give you a pleasant surprise at the end. Just go through few such surprising features.

Import of statements

You will have to import many statements in the same project or from other projects. Why will you write the code again, when you have written it once? There is need of that in Java, but not in case of Scala. You can fetch the data from some other programs as well. So, this is simply like fetching statements from other sources.

No Operator

There is absolutely no need of operators in the case of Scala, which you need in the case of Java.  There are different mathematical operations and some of them will look like arithmetic too, but actually they are not the operations, but the methods alone. So, programming and coding in case of Scala is much more easy than usual.

Everything is Object

If you look at the different aspects of the scala program framework. They are going to give the best factor and results. You can give the best features in all aspects. You can get the right help in this platform, since all will look like objects here. So, there is no need to apply any operations at all. All you will have to do is to call the objects. They will be working for you as methods.

Multiple parameters

Assigning parameters to the methods and objects is always very much important. There are three different aspects in the method. One of the top thing that you will have to observe here is regarding the multiple access of parameters. Multiple parameters means multiple usage and multiple organizing support. This is such a feature that is not there in Java. That is why, a java trainer will be surprised with the accessibility of Scala.

Methods within methods

It is really needed to include operations within operations, while you are working with vast project or a complicated one. Now, this feature is not at all there in the Java. In fact, getting operation within an operation is a tough task surely. To get the support, you will have to use Scala. In Scala, there is no operation, rather there is method. Methods can be nested under other methods. That is the tricks in case of Scala.

The above details state you the importance of scala in your profession. Now your task is to go through the Apache Spark And Scala Online Training In Houston and get the best support from therein.

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