Techlearning CurrentIssueSection (2)

Techlearning CurrentIssueSection (2)

For 20 years, TEQ has been the deFacto publication of Pittsburgh’s technology industry and entrepreneurial community. From true world, firsthand accounts of how your peers are utilizing mobile technologies to drive business rewards to believed leadership on the most current technology advancements and trends Field Technologies supplies the info you require to establish how mobile technologies could be improving your organization. Magazines include Oilfield Technology, Globe Coal, Hydrocarbon Engineering, Globe Pipelines and LNG Sector.

Housing in Southern Africa is a effectively established and informative magazine that covers affordable housing projects, low price housing and the GAP market sector. Security, which is vitally crucial in chemical engineering, is highlighted by means of articles about security, hazards and overall health in chemical plants. The editor is pleased to take into account contributions that fall inside the remit of the magazine. The advent of new automobile technologies signifies not only our cars, but the infrastructures that help them, established company models and indeed our extremely lifestyles will adjust.

In addition, Chemical Technologies covers topics such as the style and building of chemical plant, processes or unit operations in chemical engineering, and specialty chemical substances in South Africa, among others. As constantly, there’s our exclusive application downloads for magazine readers, and our vital tutorial files so you can function along with us at residence. Warship Technologies reaches a really international audience and gives an outstanding opportunity to influence crucial selection makers. Tempo Magazine concentrate on Politics, Economics, Law, Regional and International News.

A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world’s biggest technical skilled organization dedicated to advancing technologies for the benefit of humanity. I got a subscription for my husband for Christmas and he loves it. So do the kids. Our editorial package is a blend of technical, managerial, and basic interest articles created to meet the informational wants of the fastener business with particular emphasis on new technology that relates to elevated productivity, enhanced good quality and reduce cost. Chemical Technology offers a wide-ranging overview of chemical engineering in South Africa and the South African chemical business in general.

Every single situation is packed with the most recent cutting edge technology from the industry’s major firms, as nicely as exclusive insights and industry analysis that are essential in today’s subsea market. Chemical Technologies is endorsed by both the South African Institution of Chemical Engineers (SAIChE) and the Southern African Association for Power Efficiency (SAEE) and publishes information on their education programmes and other events.

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