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Final Windows Tweaker Moveable Four.2.2 ~ Thumbapps

Final Windows Tweaker Moveable Four.2.2 ~ Thumbapps

You can check good link about Windows 7 Tweaks later here. Users who’ve been following us for quite some time know that we now have reviewed a number of free Home windows 7 tweaking tools.

TcpTimedWaitDelay=30 (DWORD, not current or 0xffffffff in registry by default. Advisable: 30 decimal, denoting 30 seconds) – time to wait before reclaiming ports, in seconds. Default time before reclaiming ports, if value is at 0xffffffff or not present within the registry is one hundred twenty seconds. Simply lowering the delay is usually adequate with out changing MaxUserPort, as it permits for reusing ports more efficiently.

Make sure you don’t compress your hard drive in Windows since Compress arduous drives run a bit slower then non-compress exhausting drive because on a compress file, folder, or drive, Windows have to uncompress it to open it which takes time and processing energy.Windows 7 Tweaks

Heavy players may discover different more …